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Getting Started with Music Lessons

It sometimes can be difficult to make a decision on a lessons.  Here are some basic questions and answers we have been asked over the years that may help you as a beginner parent or student. 

Q. How often are lessons?
A. We hold lessons once a week, 4 to 5 times a month depending upon the number of weeks on the month. We are closed on major holidays.

Q. What is a good age to start lessons?
A. Adults of course can start any instrument at any time.  We have many adults who take lessons with us for personal enjoyment, desiring to one day play for a family gathering or reunion or even their church.

Young children varies on stage of development.The following are age recommendations we suggest to be successful in determining the age a child should start. Some instruments such as brasswind/woodwind also have to account for how heavy the instrument is for the child or the physical size of the child. Please note: these are suggested ages.  Each child is different and we are open minded to observe if the child is ready earlier even though they may not fit the listed ages.

Piano - 4.5 years
Guitar - 6 years
Violin/ Viola - 5 years
Cello/ Bass - 6-7 years
Voice - 6 years
Trumpet/ Cornet - 8 years
Clarinet/Flute -8 years
Saxophone  9-10 years 

If you don't see your instrument listed here give us a call. 

Q. What instruments do teach at Major Scales Music School?
A. We offer instruction on cello, bass, violin, viola, voice, piano, guitar, trumpet, trombone, french horn, baritone, tuba, saxophone, clarinet and flute. We are updating our facilities regularly so check back often as this list grows.

Q. May I attend classes every other week rather than every week?
A. We feel that the best results are when you have a consistent weekly check ins with your teacher to monitor your progress. Also, this creates appointment problems for our teachers by creating gaps in their schedules.

Q. May I sit in on the lesson with my child?
A. You are more than welcomed to sit in on the lesson with your child.   We do ask that you do not interrupt the teacher. Your child will need to develop his directions from the instructor during the class.  At the conclusion of the class fell free to inquire about what was learned for that day so that you can have even more success at home. 
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